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Monica Lee

The best place to purchase my music online is on Bandcamp.  Unlike streaming services - that also have my songs on them - when you purchase from Bandcamp, artists receive direct compensation.  Spotify is a great place to make playlist and listen casually, but know that artists but do not see any revenue from this service.  Add me to your library, playlist, share with your friends where ever you listen to your music.  It makes me happy to know you are listening.  Thanks so much for supporting artists you love and particularly thank you for supporting me. It means a lot.    

A lot of time and careful loving energy has gone into each and every song I have written, produced, recorded and released.  So many little steps to let these babies out into the world.  It is an honour to share them with you.


Album release date:

24 May 2023

My new record is called You, Me and The Moon. To me it feels like it is a love letter from parents to kids. I sing in both French and English on this record. I chose two of my favourite cover songs that I sang to my kids, CouCou (Mr. Moon) and Gershwin's classic lullaby Summertime, a song my mother also sang to me as a child. The rest of the songs are ones I wrote over the first decade of being a parent. My eldest would ask me to sing them a new song every night, a great exercise for a songwriter, which resulted in many of the songs on this record. When my youngest reached 7, I had to change all the words to all the songs to be about farts. He would drift off to sleep laughing. haha. I have not recorded those will just need to imagine that for yourself.  

At age 11 my eldest informed me very kindly and gently in June that in Sept I would no longer need to sing them to sleep. They gave me lots of warning. When Sept came, my youngest got on board and that was the end of my 10yr of singing children to sleep every night. I cherish the memories and it is a gift to me that they are nicely held in the recordings of these songs, sung so many times in the dark to them as they drifted off.  

I want to encourage all parents to make up silly songs for your kids. Just do it! No one is listening but them and they will love it! For some inspiration or to help you wind down the day, I hope you love these songs as much as we did. 

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The late John Mann of Spirit of the West once compared Monica Lee to Joni Mitchell, and it’s easy to agree after hearing her ability to balance confessional subject matter with vivid observations of everyday life. Farewell is a statement both beautiful and soul stirring, a testament to following one’s muse and to Monica’s undeniable, natural talent.

Monica Lee channels classic country on new single ‘Only One’ from upcoming album Farewell

 Jason Schneider 


 April 17, 2020 

Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Monica Lee has relied on her powerful voice, sense of humour and poetic chops to warm hearts as well as to share her pain. That’s never been more evident than on her latest album, Farewell, containing 10 tracks that chronicle a tumultuous past decade in her life. It’s set for a digital release on July 24, but we’re excited to premiere the lyric video for the first single, “Only One,” which is available to purchase and stream starting today.

With sonic qualities that recall vintage country, a la Patsy Cline, “Only One” was inspired by Monica’s initiative to propose to the man she would marry. Monica explains ... read more


- Single - 


Digging into her Prairie Albertan roots Lee is writing about one of her closest friends’ relationship drama.  Lee drives home the long known truth; some days are just not the right days to quit smoking!  Backed by some of Vancouver’s hardest hitters, this song is the perfect sing along.


An earlier mix of this track along with Lee's crowd favourite Down on the Drive off her 'Live at the Libra Room' album are featured in the award winning web series Inconceivable episode 2.  Now with all the bells and whistles mixing and mastering done, this track is ready for your playlists! Have a listen!

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