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Hi there!

Thanks for the visit!  I'm glad you're here.  I put out a record in 2020 called Farewell.   This was not a goodbye to music but rather a letting go of a whole part of my life that is represented in these songs. I hope the songs speak to you and those moments in our lives when change is moving us along our paths.

Since the release I have been actively working with children and families.  I released a fun video for 'Down on the Drive'. What was an anthemic last song of the night at in person Live Shows for years with my band, is now loved by bubble popping toddlers around the world. haha. Life is funny that way.  

Currently I'm working on some new recordings that I will release as my first children's album.   The songs speak to us all as humans so hopefully the parents and adults around these kids will love the songs as much as they do.  

This site holds links to my many explorations as an artists.  Click the more button to find out...more! 

All songs are available on Bandcamp and all the other places too.  Thanks for supporting musicians, we are still here even if you don't see us out and about. 

Thanks again for your interest in my music.  I am so happy you popped by.  

- Monica

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