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Monica Lee’s “Summertime” offers a heartwarming reinterpretation of a classic, demonstrating her exceptional ability to breathe new life into enduring songs and weave them into the fabric of her own musical storytelling. 

- B-Side Guys

“The new version of a timeless summer classic is the perfect acoustic take. The smooth and amazing guitar solo and the blissful vocal is all you need to get mesmerized by this song. Great atmosphere and transitions are done so well, the setting highlights them very well.” * - Translated from Greek  -


You, Me and the Moon Poster 3.png

You, Me and the Moon is an interactive theatrical presentation of Monica Lee’s album of the same name, exploring the deep connection between parents and children. Using projected visuals and puppets, Monica weaves the story of her own childhood being sung to sleep by her Trinidadian Father with the songs she wrote for her own children. This show is a family friendly show appropriate for anyone who has had a parent. Babies to Grandparents are most welcome. A Vancouver multidisciplinary artist for over 20 years, Lee is most known for her powerful song writing in the Roots, Jazz and Country traditions as well as being a charismatic children’s educator through her company Jump Into Music. You, Me and the Moon is Lee’s second showcase play. She will be accompanied by Paul Pigat for the Live show. You, Me and the Moon, the album was produced by Marc Atkinson and will be available for purchase at the show. Especially designed with you and your child in mind, a You, Me and the Moon companion book with lyrics and chords, illustrations, liner notes and short stories about each song will also be available. A modern alternative to the classic CD, this book will include a download code for the music. All physical purchases include a poster of the Album Art by Jenny Ritter for your room.






"The most amazing music composer and performer that I have seen in my life. She is so warm in her music and the way the song tells a story. Miss being out in Vancouver because of this. But I will always be your bests fan. Thank you Monica for the beautiful music."

- Duane Normandeau


Let's stay in touch! I send out periodic emails when I release new music, show announcements or other creative projects I might get up too. 


Thanks for connecting here and be well where you are.


Join one of Monica Lee's early childhood music classes.  

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