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"You guys want to play?"

Kid friendly fun enthusiast, Monica can get the crowd going and highlight all the bright shinny things going on.  She is full of fun facts and silly sayings and if she brings her Ukulele, she is likely to make up a song or two on the spot.  Let the games begin! 


2023 was Monica's 5th year as Host of the World Famous McSpadden County Fair Annual Zucchini Car Races!! She's already looking forward to next year! ....ready, set, GO!!


Monica has hosted many events over the years including the Point Grey Mother's Day Fair, The McSpadden County Fair, The Vancouver Poetry Slam, The Vancouver Song Slam, Random Acts of Kindness Showcase, Paris Nights Showcase, MC'd weddings, funerals, hall capacity birthdays parties and more.  

Monica has extensive experience in event planning and production.  She worked as a Chef/caterer for 15 years ending her cooking career with an 8 year stint on set catering in the Vancouver Film Industry.  Before that she worked in Hotel kitchens, at large scale catering companies, and up north as a bush cook.  A natural problem solver, she is able to trouble shoot any situation and calmly and creatively help any event run smoothly. 

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