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Kids Spanish Music with Teacher Monica

Since 2015 I have been actively working with children and families with my music company Jump into Music.  In 2021, mid pandemic I released a fun video for my song 'Down on the Drive' referring to Commercial Drive where I held a house gig for 15 years. What was an anthemic last song of the night at in person Live Shows for years with my band, is now lovable bubble popping song for toddlers around the world. haha. Life is funny that way.   

Now publishing videos to YouTube, the channel has garnered some serious views  making over a 1.5M impressions and over 70K views.  Subscribe today! 

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Down on The Drive - Pandemic music for kids - Single

Farewell - Tittle Track off Album 'Farewell' 

What Went Wrong - Monica Lee 'Farewell'

Only One - Monica Lee 'Farewell'

A tribute to the late great Tom Petty

Bottle of Wine - Monica Lee - Live Performance

Episode 2 - Inconceivable

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