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"The most amazing music composer and performer that I have seen in my life. She is so warm in her music and the way the song tells a story. Miss being out in Vancouver because of this. But I will always be your bests fan. Thank you Monica for the beautiful music."

- Duane Normandeau


Let's stay in touch! I send out periodic emails when I release new music, show announcements or other creative projects I might get up too. 


Thanks for connecting here and be well where you are.


Thanks for the visit!  I'm glad you're here. Welcome to my site with a bit of everything I do. I am a multidisciplinary artist living in Vancouver with over 20 years experience on stage and as a songwriter.  

Since 2015 I have been actively working with children and families with my music company Jump into Music.


In March of 2020, when we all went into lockdown, I started teaching LIVE on Facebook. Hundreds of families joined me daily at The Get Together - When I'm at my house and you're at your house and we Get Together and JUMP INTO MUSIC!

I am not publishing these classes to my YouTube channel.  These personal and comfortable educational videos are there for you to share with your children, discovering beautiful things about our world, the people in it and the music we make no matter how many challenges we face. 

In 2021, I released a fun video for the theme song of The Get Together 'Down on the Drive' referring to Commercial Drive where I held a house gig for 15 years. What was an anthemic last song of the night at in person Live Shows for years with my band, is now lovable bubble popping song for toddlers around the world. haha. Life is funny that way.   

I am embracing my connection to children. I have a new record coming out May 24, 2023.


You, Me and The Moon explores the deep connection between parents and children. Inviting and tender, this record, along with the accompanying LIVE show, dances the audience though playful storytelling, sing along songs all the way to the quietest of moments when we let go of the day.

The album was produced, engineered and mastered by Marc Atkinson @  The Barn Studio on Hornby Island BC. A stunningly beautiful spot to make music with an extremely talented producer, musician, person.  I love working with Marc. 

I hope the songs on You, Me and The Moon help families wind down the day honouring the child inside each of us and the deep love parents and caregivers feel for the children in their lives. 

This site holds links to my many explorations as an artists. 


I wrote my first musical play a few years back called 'Girls Night In' that ran at the 2019 Vancouver Fringe and was performed with my band the Couch Choir.


In 2020 I released Farewell a full length studio record filled with the songs honed and loved by local Vancouver audiences at my 15 year residency at The Libra Room on Commercial Drive.   


My children's performance group is called the String Bees and they are the bees knees when it comes to fun. 


I love working with film makers as composer and have been lucky to have my songs used in some amazing projects.


I put a few videos up here on this page for you to check out some of my work.  Click the more button up top to find out...more! 

All songs are available on Bandcamp and all other platforms too.  Thanks for supporting musicians.

I am so happy you popped by.  

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