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Origin: Edmonton, Alberta

Genre: Roots, Jazz, Country, Children's Music 

Years Active: 1998 - Present




Monica Lee – 150 Kisses


Monica Lee’s new record, 150 Kisses is a love letter from parents to their kids. Inviting and tender, with song titles like Perfect Day, Swing Swing Swing, Potty on My Bus and I Love My Cat, Monica has us dancing in our seats. The title track, 150 Kisses, melts our hearts and, along with For My Love and the ending lullaby Goodnight, inspires us to sing with each other. A chanteuse in both French and English, Lee's voice is flexible and sweet as exemplified by her version of CouCou (Mr Moon) and the Gershwin jazz standard lullaby, Summertime.

A Vancouver multidisciplinary artist for over 20 years, Lee is well known for her powerful songwriting and performing in the Roots, Jazz and Country traditions as well as being a charismatic children’s educator in her program, Jump into Music. Mother of two, Lee tested these songs extensively on her own children before bringing them to the studio.

150 Kisses every day! (that's 1050 kisses a week!)

Album: 150 Kisses

Genre: Children's Music 

Release Date: May 26, 2023

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