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Origin: Edmonton, Alberta

Genre: Singer - Songwriter  

Years Active: 1998 - Present

Websites: www.monicaleemusic.com



Catching melodies from dreams and stories from real life events, Lee crafts her music like heirloom quilts, heavy, warm, each panel detailed and tells a story. Monica's voice is stirring, reminiscent of Carly Simon and Carole King.  Playing piano, guitar, viola, ukulele and most notably her voice, Lee will bring you back from where ever you have been. 


Talking about her band, Nathan Peekay of 4thrcrdMag said, “..the sound of life!  ... the sound of new landscapes being explored and musicians finding that special place where birth happens.”  John Mann of Spirit of the West compared her to Joni Mitchell for her use of imagery and poetry in her lyrics.  With a curious heart her purpose is unwavering, sing about it, bring these feelings to life.  Lee has been a staple in the Vancouver music scene for 20 years. Her new record Farewell is long anticipated and sure to move listeners.


Monica Lee |  monica@monicaleemusic.com, 604-767-2733