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Monica Lee is a beloved Vancouver-based children's music artist with a heartwarming talent for creating musical magic that enchants both young and old. With a career spanning over a decade, she has garnered numerous accolades for her delightful melodies and meaningful lyrics. Monica's recent album, "You, Me and the Moon," has taken the children's music world by storm, earning critical acclaim for its catchy tunes and uplifting messages. Her dedication to crafting songs that celebrate imagination and togetherness has earned her a special place in the hearts of families across Canada and beyond. Monica Lee continues to inspire and captivate audiences with her enchanting music.

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Album Release - You, Me and the Moon -  


Meet Monica Lee, an incredible Vancouver-based singer-songwriter who has crafted a remarkable career over the years through her powerful voice, her sense of whimsy, musicality and poetic lyricism. All of those traits (and more) are indisputable on her new (and first) Children's album - You, Me and The Moon.

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Marc Atkinson (at The Barn Studio on Hornby Island, BC) - this new album is a testament to the love that parents have for their kids. The collection of songs showcases a tale of unbreakable connection. And - accompanied with her live show - Monica dances the audience through playful storytelling, energetic sing-alongs, and soothing balms to end the day. The positive and empowering messages in the music, encouraging children to be kind, curious, and creative - are designed to inspire the little ones to explore the world around them, connect with nature, and embrace thier unique qualities.

“This record is all about the deep connection between parents and their children,” says Lee who is (herself) a mother of two. “The album takes us through the motions of life with our little ones, playing outside in the forest listening to the birds, the story of the love of their mother watching them grow, singing about the family pet, magical moments - even humanizing potty training. Each song can stand alone, but together they feel like a love letter from a parent to their child, inviting, tender and silly. “

A Vancouver multidisciplinary artist for over 20 years, Lee is well known for her powerful songwriting and performing in the Roots, Jazz and Country traditions as well as being a charismatic children’s educator in her popular program, Jump into Music. A chanteuse in both French and English, her voice is flexible and sweet on this new LP - singing her loveable original songs and more familiar timeless classics like “Coucou (Mr Moon)” and the Gershwin jazz standard lullaby, “Summertime.” “The record touches on several genres - swing, blues, roots, folk and jazz, sophisticated enough for adults to enjoy while keeping the kids bopping along,” she says.


Whether she's performing at a local venue or in a festival setting, Monica's energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Her music has become a beloved part of many Vancouver families' lives, inspiring creativity and building confidence in children as they explore and add their authentic voices to the world. “In a way all these songs are love songs,” states Lee, “parent to child love where the child is seen for where they are at, their priorities, their world articulated. “

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